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At GTS, we are pioneers in ADAS Annotation Services and are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of automotive AI. Furthermore, our skilled team meticulously labels road environments down to the last detail, ensuring that your self-driving AI receives the rich, real-world data it needs to learn effectively. Additionally, by leveraging advanced ADAS-specific tools, our annotations are not just accurate; they’re transformative. Consequently, choose GTS and elevate your AI-powered automotive safety capabilities.





ADAS annotation services

Image and Video Annotation Services

LIDAR Annotation

Harness the power of LIDAR with GTS. Additionally, we specialize in labeling images or videos, thereby offering a comprehensive and complete 360-degree perspective.

Bounding Boxes Annotation

Navigate the world of object recognition with precision. Specifically, at Globose Technology Solutions (GTS), our adept annotators employ the bounding box technique to accurately map objects.

Polygon Annotation

Experience the precision of polygon annotations with GTS. By meticulously plotting points on the exact edges of objects—such as the edge of a car—you can achieve unparalleled accuracy and detail in your data.

Semantic Segmentation Annotation

Dive deep into detailed image analysis with our semantic segmentation technique. Furthermore, every single pixel in an image or video is meticulously annotated, and…

Object Tracking Annotation

Step into the realm of dynamic object detection with GTS. Additionally, we facilitate the auto-detection of semantic objects across various classes, including but not limited to…

Lane Annotation Services

At GTS, we specialize in accurately identifying and annotating various lane markings, ranging from solid to broken lines and beyond. Moreover, our expertise extends to other critical aspects of road infrastructure.

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Autonomous Technology

Enhancing the future of autonomous systems undoubtedly involves detailed image and video annotations, which, therefore, are pivotal for self-driving vehicles and robotic applications.


Delivering meticulous image and video annotations consequently empowers medical diagnostics, thereby ensuring unparalleled accuracy. Furthermore, it enhances the reliability and effectiveness of medical treatments.


Strengthening governmental projects and initiatives with top-tier image and video annotation services; consequently, thereby elevating surveillance.


Strengthening governmental projects and initiatives with top-tier image and video annotation services; consequently, significantly elevating surveillance.


Driving financial technology forward by providing expert image and video annotations, thereby facilitating secure transaction validations.


Empowering technological advancements with premium annotation services, thus significantly enhancing AI algorithms for peak performance in diverse applications.

We are an ISO 9001:2015, ISO/IEC 27001: 2013 certified IT enabled AI dataset provider.

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