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ADAS Annotation Services: LIDAR Annotation

With LIDAR, or Light Detection and Ranging tech, we’ve flipped the script on how we see and interpret our world. At GTS, we give raw LIDAR data a makeover, turning it into organized and insightful info through our specialized annotation services. We carefully tag and categorize this data, laying a smooth path for AI to understand and work with complex settings like it’s second nature.





Cars Detection

Our LIDAR Annotation Expertise:

  • Object Annotation:¬†Our team excels in identifying and annotating diverse objects within LIDAR datasets, from vehicles and pedestrians to minute details like traffic signs and lane markings.
  • Semantic Segmentation:¬†We classify every single point in a LIDAR dataset, ensuring AI systems have a comprehensive understanding of the environment down to the finest details.
  • 3D Bounding Boxes:¬†For applications demanding depth perception, we enclose objects in 3D bounding boxes, granting AI the ability to gauge dimensions, orientations, and relations between objects.

Areas We're Making a Difference In:

  1. Self-Driving Cars: With our detailed notes, these high-tech rides make safer and sharper choices, acing their way around the world with pinpoint accuracy.
  2. Urban Planning: City planners and architects utilize our annotated LIDAR data to build sustainable and efficient urban infrastructures.
  3. Agriculture: Farmers and agribusinesses leverage our LIDAR annotations to understand topography and optimize land use for improved crop yield.
  4. Forestry: We use detailed notes to help manage forests, count trees, and keep an eye on the health of our ecosystems.

Applications of LIDAR Annotation:

  • Navigation and Mapping:¬†Creating detailed and accurate 3D maps for various navigation applications.
  • Disaster Management:¬†Assisting rescue and relief operations by mapping affected areas with high precision.
  • Infrastructure Management:¬†Evaluating the conditions of roads, bridges, and other structures to ensure safety and longevity.
  • Environmental Monitoring:¬†Gauging changes in ecosystems, tracking deforestation, and monitoring coastal erosions.

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