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City Scapes – Depth and Segmentation

This dataset is a preprocessed dataset of the City Scapes dataset, to be used for two tasks: Depth Estimation and Semantic Segmentation.

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Road Surface Analysis Dataset for Pothole Detection

Road Surface Analysis Dataset for Pothole Detection Road Surface Analysis Dataset for Pothole Detection Datasets Road Surface Analysis Dataset for […]

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LFW – Facial Recognition

Globose Technology Solutions is a leader in facial recognition, using the LFW dataset to accurately identify faces.

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Plastic – Paper – Garbage Bag Synthetic Images

This Dataset Contains Synthetic Images of Plastic, Paper, and Garbage Bags. The Bag Classes folder contains 5000 images of each image class separately while the Image Classes.

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5 Flower Types Classification Dataset

The dataset consists of 5 different flower classes. Lilly, Lotus, Sunflower, Orchid and Tulip. Each flower class has 1000 images.

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Computer Vision for the Humanities

Dive into the world of historical research through AI with the Newspaper Navigator Dataset. This unique collection, sourced from the Library.

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Shadertoy Top 1000 Shaders Dataset

Discover the top 1000 most popular shaders on Shadertoy with our detailed dataset. Dive into shader codes, performance stats.

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Human Crowd Dynamics Dataset

Explore the Human Crowd Dynamics Dataset from Globose Technology Solutions. Designed for AI and machine learning, our dataset includes diverse.

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Keras-Seedlings Dataset

Explore the Keras-Seedlings dataset, featuring segmented images of weed and crop seedlings for machine learning classification.

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Computed Tomography (CT) of the Brain

The dataset consists of CT brain scans with cancer, tumor, and aneurysm. Each scan represents a detailed image of a patient’s brain taken using CT (Computed Tomography).

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Explore our extensive collection of new off-the-shelf datasets covering all data types – text, audio, image, and video. Reach out to us now for more information.
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