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Annotation: Polygon Annotation Services

Here at GTS, we’ve got a knack for Polygon Annotation. It’s the cool blend of creativity and logic that makes processing AI datasets possible. Specifically, we meticulously draw polygons around specific objects in pictures to pinpoint and separate them with precision. By closely tracing objects in pictures, we can create accurate outlines that effectively define and separate them. Consequently, machine learning models can recognize, categorize, and interact with these outlined objects in many applications.





Polygon Annotation Services

Fields We Serve:

Polygon Annotation Services

Automotive: Enhance ADAS and autonomous driving systems by annotating vehicles, pedestrians, and obstacles. Consequently, this leads to improved safety and efficiency on the roads.

Agriculture: Detect and classify crop diseases, monitor growth, and assist in precision agriculture. As a result, farmers can optimize their yields and manage resources more effectively.

Medical Imaging: Accurately identify and trace the boundaries of tumors, organs, and other areas of interest. Therefore, medical professionals can diagnose and treat conditions with greater accuracy.

Retail: Automate shelf-monitoring by annotating products, labels, and packaging. This, in turn, ensures better inventory management and product placement.

Aerial Imaging: Annotate land usage, structures, and topographical features for geographical information systems and urban planning. Subsequently, this aids in more informed decision-making and planning.

Wildlife Conservation: Monitor species by annotating individual animals in remote camera trap images. Consequently, conservationists can better track and protect endangered species.

Applications of Polygon Annotation:

  1. Object Detection & Classification: By defining objects with polygonal boundaries, ML models can detect and classify objects in diverse environments. Moreover, this method enhances accuracy compared to traditional bounding boxes.
  2. Image Segmentation: For tasks requiring a deeper level of detail than simple bounding boxes, polygon annotations offer granularity, enabling pixel-perfect segmentation. Furthermore, this precision is crucial for medical imaging and other detailed analyses.
  3. 3D Modeling & AR: When creating 3D models or augmented reality simulations, polygon annotations help in refining the edges and contours of objects for a seamless virtual experience. Consequently, this leads to more realistic and immersive AR applications.
  4. Video Markup: Keeping an eye on things, like sports stats or security footage, is easier when you tag each frame in a video to follow objects consistently. As a result, it ensures continuous tracking and accurate data collection over time.

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Our team comprises experienced annotators armed with cutting-edge tools, ensuring precision and consistency in every project. In addition, we have a team of skilled people who use the latest tools to make sure every project is done right. Nevertheless, small businesses and startups need to strategically target every marketing dollar.

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