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DATA TRANSCRIPTION- Insurance Transcription

At GTS, we seamlessly merge the power of AI with the complexities of the insurance industry through our specialized Insurance Transcription services. Transcribing insurance-related content requires a unique blend of accuracy and industry insight, and we pride ourselves on delivering both. Whether it’s claims, policy documents, recorded statements, or adjuster notes, our transcription services ensure every detail is captured with utmost precision.





Fields We Serve:

  • Claims Adjusting:¬†Convert verbal claims, descriptions, and evaluations into written form.
  • Underwriting:¬†Transcribe interviews, evaluations, and risk assessments to help underwriters make informed decisions.
  • Policyholder Services:¬†Transcription of policy applications, renewals, and recorded client interactions.
  • Insurance Litigation Support:¬†Convert courtroom discussions, depositions, and witness statements into text.
  • Training and Development:¬†Transcribe insurance training sessions, seminars, and workshops for future reference and e-learning modules.

Where Our Transcriptions are Applied:

  1. Claims Processing: Streamline the processing of claims by having transcribed records for quick reference.
  2. Dispute Resolution: Access to verbatim transcribed records aids in dispute settlements and clarifications.
  3. Audit and Compliance: Maintain textual records of all interactions ensuring regulatory compliance and smooth audits.
  4. Policy Management: Efficiently manage, retrieve, and review policy details through transcribed documents.
  5. Risk Management: Analyze and review transcribed data to identify potential risks and areas of concern.

Discover Excellence in Insurance Transcription with Us.

Harnessing the capabilities of AI, we not only ensure rapid turnaround times but also maintain impeccable accuracy levels. Our team is trained in insurance jargon, ensuring that industry-specific terms are correctly transcribed and contextualized. Partner with GTS for insurance transcription services that are accurate, timely, and tailored to the nuances of the insurance sector.


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