Trucks Detection Dataset

Trucks Detection Dataset


Trucks Detection Dataset


Trucks Detection Dataset

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Trucks Detection


Explore our Trucks Detection Dataset, featuring 746 annotated images ideal for training machine learning models.

Trucks Detection Dataset


The Trucks dataset offers a comprehensive collection of images featuring various trucks and heavy vehicles. Curated meticulously from diverse sources including the internet, Roboflow, and the streets of Cotonou, Akpakpa in Benin, it provides a diverse representation of truck types and environments. The dataset consists of 746 annotated images, each formatted in YOLOv8 for precise object detection and localization.

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Key Features:

  • Data Sources: Images sourced from internet repositories, roboflow, and real-world locations in Cotonou, Akpakpa.
  • Annotation Format: Annotated using YOLOv8 format, ensuring compatibility with popular deep learning frameworks.
  • Pre-Processing: Each image underwent meticulous pre-processing steps, including automatic orientation adjustment to strip EXIF metadata, resizing to a standardized 640×640 resolution for consistency, and conversion to grayscale for specialized applications like CRT phosphor simulation.

Applications: This dataset is perfect for training and validating machine learning models designed to detect trucks and heavy vehicles in different environments. Applications include but are not limited to:

  • Autonomous vehicle navigation systems.
  • Traffic monitoring and management solutions.
  • Urban planning and infrastructure development.
  • Environmental impact assessments involving heavy vehicle emissions.

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