Plate Numbers YOLO

Plate Numbers YOLO


Plate Numbers YOLO


Plate Numbers YOLO

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Plate Numbers


Explore the Plate Numbers YOLO Dataset, featuring diverse global license plate images under various conditions and annotations.

Plate Numbers YOLO


The Plate Numbers  dataset is a meticulously curated collection of license plate images from various countries around the globe. This diverse dataset is designed to support the development and evaluation of advanced computer vision models, particularly for tasks such as license plate detection, character recognition, and vehicle tracking.

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Dataset Overview

  • Image Variety: The dataset comprises images captured under various lighting conditions (day, night, dusk, dawn) and different camera angles (front, rear, side). This variety ensures robustness and generalizability of the trained models.
  • Types of Plates: It includes a wide range of license plates, such as:
    • Standard Plates: Regular license plates used for personal and commercial vehicles.
    • Specialty Plates: Plates with unique designs, typically used for special vehicle categories or custom orders.
    • Temporary Plates: Provisional plates issued for short-term use.
  • Annotation Details: Each image is annotated with bounding boxes for the license plates and, in some cases, the characters on the plates, facilitating tasks like localization and optical character recognition (OCR).


  • License Plate Detection: Develop and refine algorithms to accurately locate license plates in various conditions.
  • Character Recognition: Train models to recognize and interpret the characters on the license plates, crucial for automated number plate recognition (ANPR) systems.
  • Vehicle Tracking: Use the annotated data to track vehicles across different frames or video sequences, aiding in surveillance and traffic management.

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