Street View House Numbers (SVHN)

Street View House Numbers (SVHN)


Street View House Numbers (SVHN)


Street View House Numbers (SVHN)

Use Case

Digit recognition


The Street View House Numbers (SVHN) dataset is a large collection of labeled images of house numbers taken from Google Street View. It is commonly used for training and evaluating machine learning models for digit recognition and optical character recognition (OCR).

Street View House Numbers (SVHN)

About Dataset

Welcome to our AI data-gathering company, where we love exploring exciting areas like spotting objects and processing images. These fields are full of potential for practical applications, like analyzing NYC’s bike lanes using street images or coming up with innovative solutions.

Let’s talk about the avenue look home figure dataset. It’s like the star player in the game of machine learning. SVHN provided Google with the data they needed to teach their computers to read street numbers and find locations. But SVHN is more than just data; it’s a treasure trove for building and training models to recognize street numbers. There’s no limit to what you can do with this dataset, making it a top choice for all sorts of projects.

If you’re excited to explore the SVHN dataset and its possibilities, you’ve come to the right place. Our website gives you access to tons of data, allowing you to dive deep into the world of AI, image identification, and processing. Come join us on this exciting journey and unlock the creative potential waiting for you in SVHN.

Visit our SVHN Dataset Page to get started.


At Globose Technology Solutions, we’re experts in computer vision using the Avenue look Home Figures dataset. Our advanced algorithms can accurately recognize house numbers, which helps in navigation, address verification, and urban planning. With our commitment to pushing the limits of object recognition, our solutions offer innovative and efficient tools for various industries.

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