Rotated Images Dataset

Rotated Images Dataset


Rotated Images Dataset


Rotated Images Dataset

Use Case

Rotated Images


Access the Rotated Images Dataset comprising 40,000 images rotated at random angles.

Rotated Images Dataset


The Rotated Images consists of images rotated at random angles between -30 to 30 degrees. This dataset is designed to train neural networks to detect and correct the angles of images.

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  • Images: 40,000 images, each rotated at a random angle within the specified range.
  • Labels: The angle of rotation for each image, provided in a JSON file.

Applications This dataset is particularly useful for developing and testing machine learning models in fields such as computer vision, image processing, and robotics. Models trained on this dataset can improve the accuracy of angle detection and correction in various applications, including automated quality control systems, image stabilization in photography, and augmented reality.

File Format

  • Images: Standard image file formats (e.g., JPEG, PNG)
  • Labels: JSON file containing the angles of rotation for the corresponding images

Access and Usage The dataset is available for download and can be used for both academic research and commercial purposes. Users are encouraged to cite the dataset in their publications and provide feedback for continuous improvement.

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