nuScenes fog augmented samples for bad weather pre

nuScenes fog augmented samples for bad weather pre


nuScenes fog augmented samples for bad weather pre


nuScenes fog augmented samples for bad weather pre

Use Case

Fog Simulation


The nuScenes dataset provides an extensive collection of data for autonomous driving research, including various weather conditions. In this context, "Smog build up case for bad climate" refers to a specific set of data case or images from the dataset that have been artificially add to to simulate foggy or adverse climate conditions.

nuScenes fog augmented samples for bad weather pre

About Dataset

New to the world of self-driving cars? Then you’re in luck with the nuScenes dataset! It’s like having real data from self-driving car sensors, giving researchers a firsthand look at tricky city driving situations. This dataset is a game-changer for AI and self-driving car studies.

fog augmented samples dataset

Exploring nuScenes for Challenging Conditions

One big challenge for self-driving cars is dealing with bad weather like fog. They need to work perfectly in all conditions to keep everyone safe.

Preparing for Bad Weather

Our team knows how important it is to get self-driving cars ready for bad weather, especially when fog makes it hard to see. So, we’ve created special samples with fog to help make them safer.

Discover More

Want to explore these helpful fog samples from nuScenes? Visit our page to find out how they can supercharge your self-driving car research.


We’re dedicated to pushing the limits of AI data collection and research, making progress in self-driving car technology available to everyone. Join us on this exciting journey as we use nuScenes to tackle tough weather conditions and move forward with self-driving vehicles

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