NumtaDB: Bengali Handwritten Digits

NumtaDB: Bengali Handwritten Digits


NumtaDB: Bengali Handwritten Digits


NumtaDB: Bengali Handwritten Digits

Use Case

Digit recognition


The NumtaDB (Numta Database) is a dataset consisting of handwritten digits in the Bengali script. It is primarily used for research and development in the field of character recognition, especially for Bengali digits.

About Dataset

In the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP), advancements are occurring rapidly. Character recognition (OCR) holds significant importance within NLP, particularly in the CIFAR-10 64×64 Resized via CAI Super Resolution development of OCR systems tailored for Bengali. Our extensive NumtaDB dataset proves highly beneficial in this regard, boasting a collection of more than 85,000 handwritten Bengali numerals.


About NumtaDB: Bengali Handwritten Digits Dataset

Unlocking New Possibilities in NLP

In the rapidly evolving field of artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP), research is advancing at a remarkable pace. Character recognition (OCR) is particularly crucial in NLP, especially when it comes to developing OCR systems for the Bengali language. This is where our extensive NumtaDB dataset becomes invaluable,

Why NumtaDB?

  1. Big Collection: We’ve got more than 85,000 handwritten Bengali numbers, making our dataset one of the largest for sorting digits.
  2. Testing Tool: NumtaDB helps test algorithms, showing how well OCR systems perform and giving useful feedback.
  3. Accuracy: Since we use real handwritten numbers, OCR systems built with our dataset are reliable and precise.

Empower Your AI Journey

We’re all about backing AI and NLP projects with top-notch datasets. NumtaDB, our Bengali Handwritten Digits dataset, is designed to speed up your AI and NLP efforts. By using this dataset, you can dive into the potential of OCR tech for Bengali language tasks.

For more information and to access the NumtaDB: Bengali Handwritten Digits dataset, visit our NumtaDB page.


In the fast-paced world of AI, CIFAR-10 64×64 Resized via CAI Super Resolution NumtaDB is a real gem for NLP fans and OCR developers. With loads of handwritten digits, it’s a solid starting point for AI projects. NumtaDB: Bengali Handwritten Digits dataset opens doors to success in the world of AI and OCR.

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