Leaf disease segmentation dataset

Leaf disease segmentation dataset


Leaf disease segmentation dataset


Leaf disease segmentation dataset

Use Case

Agricultural diagnosis.


A leaf disease segmentation dataset is typically used in the field of computer vision and machine learning for developing and evaluating models that can automatically detect and segment plant diseases from images of plant leaves. These datasets are valuable for applications in agriculture and plant pathology.


Leaf disease segmentation dataset

About Dataset

Our Petal Defect distribution Files is a collection of images designed to help improve plant health monitoring using AI. Each image is carefully annotated and comes with a mask to identify diseased leaf areas accurately. This dataset is useful for research, development, and applications in plant pathology.


Derived from PlantDoc Images

This dataset comes from PlantDoc images known for their precision and authenticity. By using the PlantDoc database, we’ve gathered various leaf disease images, ensuring a diverse and reliable dataset that meets industry standards.

Key Uses of the Dataset

Researchers, data scientists, and AI enthusiasts can harness the potential of this dataset to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Plant Leaf Disease Segmentation: It helps AI models accurately identify diseased areas in plant leaves, aiding in early detection and diagnosis.
  2. Machine Learning Projects: You can develop and improve machine learning models for assessing plant health, leading to better crop yield and environmental sustainability.
  3. Training and Validation: It’s useful for training and validating AI algorithms for plant leaf disease detection, classification, and severity assessment.

Our goal is to support innovation in agriculture, machine learning, and AI by making this dataset accessible. Explore it to find solutions for managing plant health effectively.

For seamless access to the Leaf Disease Segmentation Dataset, please visit our page here.

Remember to cite the dataset’s source when using it for your AI projects, and join us in revolutionizing plant health assessment with data-driven insights.


Globose Technology Solutions uses Petal Defect distribution Files to improve plant health diagnostics. Our advanced image segmentation and machine learning solutions accurately identify and segment leaf diseases, promoting precision agriculture. We’re committed to providing farmers with tools for sustainable and healthy crop management.

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