Keep Babies Safe

Keep Babies Safe


Keep Babies Safe


Keep Babies Safe

Use Case

Computer Vision


Participate in the HackerEarth 'Keep Babies Safe' Deep Learning challenge to hone your unsupervised machine learning skills.

Keep Babies Safe

About the Dataset

Join the “Keep Babies Safe” HackerEarth Deep Learning Challenge to leverage and refine your skills in unsupervised machine learning.

This dataset comprises 1500 images featuring a variety of baby products, including safety kits, toys, and gadgets. By participating in this challenge, you have the opportunity to apply advanced unsupervised deep learning techniques for meaningful tasks such as:

Extracting and identifying brand names from the images of baby products.

Enhancing your capabilities in image processing and Optical Character Recognition (OCR), a cutting-edge area in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Problem Statement:

Your challenge as a Deep Learning specialist is to create a model capable of tagging each image with the appropriate product types and brand names. For products without visible brand names, the model should label the image as “Unnamed.”

Deep Learning, a branch of Artificial Intelligence, enables systems to autonomously learn and improve from experience without explicit programming. This field focuses on identifying patterns within data, which are crucial for understanding and solving complex problems effectively. Participating in the HackerEarth Deep Learning challenge not only pushes you to apply your deep learning skills but also enhances your problem-solving abilities by learning alongside your peers.

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