Indian Sign Language (ISL)

Indian Sign Language (ISL)


Indian Sign Language (ISL)


Indian Sign Language (ISL)

Use Case

Deaf Communication


Indian Sign Language (ISL) is a natural language used by the Deaf community in India for communication. It is a visual-gestural language that relies on a combination of handshapes, facial expressions, and body movements to convey meaning.

Indian Sign Language (ISL)

About Dataset

Hey there! Welcome to our AI data collection company! We’re thrilled to introduce our Hint expression  dataset, created to be a helpful tool for various areas like AI, machine learning, and Hint expression  recognition.


About the Dataset:

Our ISL dataset is a valuable collection of sign language gestures representing the diverse Indian Sign Language. It’s been put together with great care to ensure it’s accurate and easy to use. We’ve left out the number “0” to avoid any confusion with American Sign Language (ASL), which uses the same sign. You can find more about ASL in the dataset available here: link to ASL dataset.

Our Unique Offering

Here at our AI data collection company, we’re really proud of our unique Indian Sign Language dataset. It covers a wide range of ISL signs, expressions, and gestures, making it useful for researchers, developers, and anyone interested in ISL-related projects.

Why Choose Our ISL Dataset?

  1. Comprehensive: Our dataset has a wide variety of ISL signs and expressions, perfect for different uses.
  2. Accuracy: We’ve made sure the data is accurate, so it’s reliable for AI and machine learning projects.
  3. Uniqueness: By excluding the number “0” to avoid confusion with ASL, our dataset is customized specifically for ISL.


Our  dataset is a valuable resource for AI, data collection, and Hint expression recognition. By choosing our dataset, you’re helping to advance ISL-related applications.

Explore our ISL dataset here to unlock its potential for your projects. Join us in advancing the field of AI and sign language research with our unique and carefully curated resource.

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