Indian Number Plates Dataset

Indian Number Plates Dataset


Indian Number Plates Dataset


Indian Number Plates Dataset

Use Case

Traffic analysis


These datasets typically contain images of Indian license plates along with annotations or labels for training machine learning models. The details may vary depending on the dataset, but they often include information such as the location of the license plate within the image, the text on the plate, and sometimes additional information like the state or region of the plate.

Indian Number Plates Dataset

About Dataset

Welcome to our AI data collection company’s amazing resource – the  Registration plate file. We’ve gathered this valuable dataset from various sources in over 700 urban and rural areas and refined it to offer you more than 20,000 top-notch, original number plate images. Each image has been carefully reviewed and verified by our team of experienced computer vision professionals at ****DC Labs.

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Why Our Dataset is Exceptional

  1. Diverse Sources: Our dataset includes number plate images from both urban and rural areas, providing a wide range of real-world scenarios.
  2. Quality Assurance: Every image has undergone thorough review and verification by computer vision experts, ensuring the data’s accuracy and authenticity.
  3. Unmatched Scale: With over 20,000 images, our dataset offers a vast collection that opens up possibilities for various AI applications.


The Registration plate file can make a significant difference in numerous AI and machine learning projects. Whether you’re working on number plate recognition, traffic management, or surveillance, our dataset offers a solid foundation to train and test your algorithms.

Get Started

Don’t miss out on this incredible resource for your AI and machine learning projects. Download the Registration plate files now and unleash the potential for groundbreaking insights and innovations.

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At our AI data collection company, we’re committed to providing you with invaluable resources like the Indian Number Plates Dataset. With its diversity, quality, and scale, it’s the perfect choice for any project requiring number plate data. Start today and take your AI solutions to the next level.


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