Handwritten Signature Dataset

Handwritten Signature Dataset


Signature Dataset


Signature Dataset

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Computer Vision


Explore our Dataset featuring unique signatures from 27 individuals, ideal for research in signature verification.

Handwritten Signature Dataset

This dataset features meticulously collected and digitized images of signatures from 27 individuals, designed to support research and development in digital document processing and authentication. Each signature has been carefully curated to ensure high quality and accuracy, providing a valuable resource for projects involving signature verification, forgery detection, and biometric authentication. The dataset aims to advance technologies in secure document handling, contributing to improved accuracy in verifying handwritten signatures. Ideal for researchers and developers, this comprehensive collection of signature images offers a robust foundation for innovative solutions in the field of digital security and authentication.

About the Dataset

Advance your research in handwriting analysis, signature verification, and pattern recognition with our comprehensive dataset. This meticulously curated collection is designed to enhance your techniques and drive innovation in these fields. By incorporating this dataset into your studies or applications, you gain access to invaluable data that can significantly improve your outcomes. Please ensure you acknowledge the original work by citing it appropriately in your publications. Our dataset stands as a crucial resource for researchers and developers committed to pushing the boundaries of handwriting and signature analysis.

Pokharel, Suresh, Giri, Santosh, and Shakyac, Subarna. “Deep Learning-Based Handwritten Signature Recognition.” NCE Journal of Science and Engineering (NJSE), 2020, p. 21.

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