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Explore the Fruit-Image-Dataset, a vast collection of high-quality images across 131 classes of fruits and vegetables, designed for precise image classification.



The Fruit-Image-Dataset is an extensive collection designed for image classification projects, featuring a diverse array of fruits and vegetables. This dataset is perfect for researchers and developers aiming to train or test machine learning models in identifying various produce.

Dataset Details:

  • Total Images: 90,483
  • Training Set: 67,692 images, featuring one type of fruit or vegetable per image.
  • Test Set: 22,688 images, comprising approximately 20% of the total dataset.
  • Classes: 131 distinct fruits and vegetables.
  • Image Naming Convention: Images are labeled using a unique index (e.g., 32_100.jpg), where “r” prefixes (like r_32_100.jpg) indicate rotations, and “100” denotes the image size (100×100 pixels).


  • Training Folder: Contains subfolders named after each fruit or vegetable, storing images used for model training.
  • Test Folder: Similar to the training folder, it includes subfolders labeled by produce type, containing images used for model validation.

Source Acknowledgment:

All images and the structure of this dataset have been meticulously prepared to support academic and commercial research in image classification. The dataset design is inspired by the needs for comprehensive and robust training data in developing advanced image recognition technologies.

Diverse Conditions and Angles

Captured in diverse conditions and angles, our dataset enhances your algorithms with detailed annotations, ensuring precise recognition and classification.

Ideal for Various Industries

Ideal for researchers, developers, and businesses aiming to innovate in agriculture, retail, and health sectors.

Boost Your AI Model’s Accuracy

Boost your AI model’s accuracy with our meticulously curated Fruit Image Dataset, designed to meet the highest standards of quality and versatility. Download now and take a step towards smarter solutions!


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