Indian Number Plate Images

Indian Number Plate Images


Indian Number Plate Images


Indian Number Plate Imagest

Use Case

license plate detection


This dataset was created as part of building a license plate detection system camera for gate, YOLO labeling was done. Please feel free to use the YOLO labels file attached with it for initial training.

About Dataset

Our carefully selected dataset is essential for creating advanced systems that can recognize vehicle speed and license plates. Made with the latest AI technology in mind, it contains a wide range of Indian vehicle images. These images are labeled in a format compatible with YOLO, making them easy to use for initial training. Although not all images are labeled, this dataset is extremely useful for improving algorithms that recognize vehicles. It’s particularly useful for security at gates and for companies wanting to improve their AI-based identification systems.

High-Quality Images

Our dataset includes thousands of high-quality images captured from various angles and lighting conditions, ensuring a wide range of scenarios. Each image is meticulously labeled with detailed annotations, including number plate regions and alphanumeric characters, to facilitate accurate and efficient training of your algorithms.

Diverse Scenarios

The dataset covers a diverse range of vehicles, from cars and trucks to motorcycles and buses, across different states of India. This diversity ensures that your AI models can generalize well to real-world conditions, making them robust and reliable.


Ideal for applications in traffic management, vehicle tracking, and security, our Indian Number Plate Images Dataset can significantly enhance the performance of your AI systems. Whether you are working on automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) systems, smart city solutions, or vehicle analytics, this dataset provides the necessary foundation for success.


Boost your AI model’s accuracy and reliability with our Indian Number Plate Images Dataset. Download now and empower your projects with the highest standards of quality and precision. Take the next step towards innovative and smarter AI solutions today!

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