Facial Skin Diseases Dataset

Facial Skin Diseases Dataset


Facial Skin Diseases Dataset


Facial Skin Diseases Dataset

Use Case

Computer Vision


Explore our Facial Skin Diseases Dataset designed for object detection projects, featuring 188 labeled images of acne. Ideal for training.


Facial Skin Diseases Dataset


This dataset provides a comprehensive collection of labeled images featuring various skin diseases on the face. It is specifically designed for use in object detection projects. The initial release, Version 1, focuses exclusively on acne.


Dataset Version: 1.0
Focus: Acne
Total Images: 188
Training Images: 114
Validation Images: 38
Test Images: 39

Future Versions : It will expand to include additional classes representing different types of facial skin conditions. Initially, we will focus on refining the current model to ensure high accuracy and reliability in detecting existing categories. As we achieve these milestones, we will gradually introduce new classes.

Furthermore, these subsequent releases will incorporate advanced features and improved algorithms to handle the increased complexity. For example, we will integrate more sophisticated image processing techniques to distinguish between subtle variations in skin conditions. This will involve extensive research and collaboration with dermatology experts to curate comprehensive datasets for each new category.

In addition, we will enhance the user interface to provide detailed insights and recommendations based on the detected skin conditions. This will not only improve the user experience but also offer valuable guidance for skincare routines or medical consultations.

Ultimately, our goal is to create a comprehensive and versatile tool that can accurately identify a wide range of facial skin conditions, providing users with reliable and actionable information. Through continuous updates and expansions, we aim to set new standards in the field of dermatological image analysis.

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