Face Attributes Enhanced Dataset

Face Attributes Enhanced Dataset


Face Attributes Enhanced Dataset


Face Attributes Enhanced Dataset

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Computer Vision


xplore the Enhanced Dataset, which features over 6,000 curated images categorized by distinct facial attributes and accessories. Furthermore, this dataset provides a comprehensive resource for researchers and developers. Additionally, it includes various subcategories to facilitate specific studies and applications. Ultimately, the goal is to support advanced facial recognition and attribute detection technologies.


Face Attributes Enhanced Dataset

This Enhanced Dataset expands on the original Face Attributes Grouped collection by incorporating additional images across various attribute categories. Meticulously curated, this dataset facilitates research and development in facial recognition and attribute detection technologies.

Dataset Details : Regarding the dataset details, it features images of human faces categorized based on distinct facial attributes and accessories. This comprehensive collection serves as a valuable resource for machine learning models focusing on attribute recognition and classification.

Dataset Structureb : Furthermore, the dataset structure is thoughtfully organized. Images are grouped into attribute categories and corresponding anti-groups, which denote the absence of specific attributes. This organization ensures that researchers can easily access and utilize the data for training and evaluating their models.

By providing a diverse and well-structured collection of images, the Dataset supports the advancement of facial recognition and attribute detection technologies.

Attribute Groups:

Headtop: This category includes 1,643 images featuring various headwear. Specifically, it showcases a diverse range of headwear styles, thereby providing valuable data for detailed analysis.
Eyeglasses: Additionally, this category contains 387 images of individuals wearing eyeglasses, thereby offering a comprehensive dataset for studying facial attributes with eyewear.
Sunglasses: Additionally, this category comprises 244 images with subjects donning sunglasses. As a result, it offers a focused dataset for studying the impact of eyewear on facial recognition.
Mouthmask: Featuring 234 images, this category includes faces with mouth masks.
Facial Hair: Includes 606 images showcasing different styles of facial hair. In particular, this category highlights a wide variety of facial hair patterns, therefore offering comprehensive data for analysis.


No Headwear: A collection of 1,828 images, notably without any headwear, presents a unique opportunity for diverse applications. Moreover, these images, meticulously curated, cater to various creative and analytical needs. Consequently, the absence of headwear enhances the focus on facial features and expressions. Furthermore, the versatility of this collection allows for a wide range of uses, from artistic projects to detailed data analysis.

Eyewear: This category consists of 2,470 images of faces without glasses or sunglasses, thereby allowing for unobstructed facial recognition and analysis.
Facewear: Moreover, this category includes 2,446 images without any facial wear such as masks, thus offering a clear view of facial features for accurate analysis.
No Accessories: This group, therefore, contains 440 images of faces devoid of any noticeable accessories.


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