Body Size Recognition Dataset

Body Size Recognition Dataset


Body Size Recognition Dataset


Body Size Recognition Dataset

Use Case

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Explore the Body Size Recognition dataset featuring photos and measurements of individuals, offering insights into physical appearances and body characteristics.

Body Size Recognition Dataset

The Body Size Recognition dataset comprises photographs of individuals along with their corresponding body measurements, offering insights into physical appearances and body characteristics. The dataset features a diverse range of subjects, including different age groups, genders, and ethnicities.

Commercial Usage:

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The photos are captured in a standardized manner, showing individuals from front and side angles. These images aim to accurately depict body proportions using appropriate lighting and angles.

Dataset Applications:

Research projects
Body measurement analysis
Fashion or apparel industry applications
Fitness and wellness studies
Anthropometric studies for ergonomic design in various fields


Dataset Content:

Files: Contains folders with photos and measurements of individuals
Proofs: Subfolders corresponding to original photos in the Files folder, including additional photos of people taking measurements
.pdf file: Contains information about photos in the proofs folder

Files Folder: Includes 3 images of a person and a JSON file with measurements:
Selfie: Person facing the camera with clear views of the face, neck, and shoulders
Front Photo: Person standing in front of the camera with all body parts clearly visible
Side Photo: Person turned sideways to the camera with all body parts clearly visible
JSON File: Includes 14 measurements (weight, height, hip circumference, leg length, etc.) and 4 additional characteristics (age, gender, race, profession) of a person depicted in the photos.

CSV File: Contains the following information for each media file:
Selfie: Link to the selfie
Front: Link to the front
Side: Link to the side photo
Measurements: Link to the JSON file with measurements

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