TextOCR – Text Extraction from Images Dataset

TextOCR – Text Extraction from Images Dataset


TextOCR – Text Extraction from Images Dataset


TextOCR – Text Extraction from Images Dataset

Use Case

Document digitization


Text OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is a technology that enables the extraction of text content from images or scanned documents. To develop and train Text OCR systems, specialized datasets are created. These datasets play a crucial role in training, evaluating, and fine-tuning OCR models.

About Dataset

At our AI data collection company, we’re committed to pushing the limits of artificial intelligence and data processing. Our most recent initiative focuses on developing a valuable asset known as the TextOCR – Text Extraction from Images Dataset.

TextOCR – Text Extraction from Images Dataset

In our pursuit of AI excellence, we recognize the significance of top-quality data. This dataset underscores our dedication to equipping the AI community with essential resources for creating cutting-edge text extraction models and applications.

Discover more about the  data on our website: TextOCR – Text Extraction from Images Dataset.

Our dataset is carefully curated, offering a wide range of challenging scenarios for extracting text from images. 

TextOCR – Text Extraction from Images Dataset

Key Highlights of the TextOCR Dataset:

Versatile Data: Our dataset includes a wide variety of images, making it useful for different fields like finance, healthcare, and more.

Accuracy and Diversity: We’ve made sure to include images with different levels of difficulty, fonts, languages, and text sizes. This ensures that your OCR models can handle real-world situations effectively.

Annotated Ground Truth: Each image in the TextOCR dataset comes with detailed annotations, making it perfect for training and testing OCR algorithms.

Community Collaboration: We believe in collaboration within the AI community. By sharing this dataset, we hope to inspire new ideas and facilitate knowledge sharing among AI enthusiasts, researchers, and developers.

Join us on this journey of innovation and exploration as we dive into the world of TextOCR and text extraction from images. Visit our dedicated page to access the data and start leveraging the power of AI in text extraction

At our AI data collection company, we’re not just collecting data; we’re shaping the future of AI. Discover the possibilities today!



Globose Technology Solutions Private Limited is a leader in TextOCR, offering a top-notch solution for extracting text from image datasets. Our advanced technology ensures high accuracy, making data extraction faster and more efficient across different industries. Globose Technology Solutions continues to lead the way in groundbreaking technologies, providing a powerful and innovative tool for transforming text extraction from images.

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