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At GTS, we’re using the latest AI tech to give you top-tier phone call transcriptions. We get it, different industries have unique needs and we’ve custom-built our services to catch every subtle detail in spoken language. We make sure every word from your business chats to customer help talks gets nailed down precisely, laying the groundwork for insightful takeaways and choices driven by solid data.






Phone Call Transcriptions

Fields We Serve:

Ethical Data Collection

Healthcare: Accurate transcriptions for patient interactions, medical consultations, and telehealth sessions, ensuring data integrity and HIPAA compliance.

Legal: Detailed transcriptions of client consultations, witness interviews, and other legal proceedings to maintain a solid record and aid in case preparations.

Finance: Transcribing investor calls, financial consultations, and advisory interactions, providing a textual blueprint for future references.

Customer Support: Capturing customer interactions, feedback, and complaint resolutions, enabling companies to enhance their service quality and customer experience.

Market Research: Documenting focus group discussions, interviews, and feedback calls to derive actionable insights for business strategies.

Education: Transcription services for e-learning platforms, virtual classroom sessions, and educational webinars, making content accessible and searchable.

Applications of Phone Call Transcriptions:

  1. Data Analytics: Transcriptions serve as a robust dataset, enabling businesses to analyze and draw insights about customer sentiments, product feedback, and service improvements.
  2. Training & Development: Companies can utilize transcriptions to train their staff, improving customer service, sales techniques, and internal processes.
  3. Compliance & Record Keeping: Maintaining a textual record of calls ensures regulatory compliance, especially in sectors like healthcare and finance.
  4. Accessibility: Transcribed calls make information accessible to those with hearing impairments and also serve as a resource for non-native speakers.
  5. Search & Archival: With transcriptions, organizations can quickly search through vast amounts of call data, efficiently archiving and retrieving crucial information.

Experience Unparalleled Phone Call Transcription Excellence With Us

  • Cutting-edge AI Integration: With the latest in artificial intelligence technology, we guarantee rapid transcriptions without compromising on quality.
  • Crystal Clear Accuracy: We understand the essence of every conversation. Our transcriptions nail it every time, catching each little detail and subtle tone just right.

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