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Data Annotation: Key Points Annotation

In the realm of AI dataset annotation, one of the most meticulous and valuable techniques is Key Points Annotation. At GTS, we’re all about diving into the nitty-gritty details that seriously amp up how well an AI model works. Through Key Points Annotation, we pinpoint and mark distinct points on an object or entity to capture its shape, posture, orientation, and other crucial attributes.





Fields We Serve:

CCTV Human Pose Estimation Dataset

Healthcare: Through key point annotations, we aid in enhancing medical imagery analysis by marking precise points on anatomical structures, aiding in disease diagnosis and treatment planning.

Retail: We help retail businesses understand customer behavior and product interactions by annotating key points on surveillance footage or customer-interaction videos.

Automotive: Automotive companies need our precise annotations to pinpoint key spots on road signs, cars, and people so self-driving autos and driver-assist systems work right.

Entertainment and Gaming: We annotate characters, tools, and environments to enable more realistic character movements and scene interactions in video games and simulations.

Unleashing the Power of Sports Analytics: We use crucial data points to help dissect athletes’ performance, letting coaches and teams sharpen their game plans.

Applications of Key Points Annotation

Object Detection and Recognition: By annotating specific key points on objects, AI models can better recognize and categorize them in varied scenarios.

Posture Recognition: In fitness apps and sports, our annotations help in analyzing and correcting postures in real time.

Facial Recognition: Key points on facial features enhance the accuracy of face recognition systems, from security applications to entertainment platforms.

3D Reconstruction: Our 3D modeling annotations let AI reconstruct detailed buildings and movie scenes.

Gesture Control: Our detailed tags are super important for devices using gesture control, making sure they detect and respond to how you move your hands.

Discover Excellence in Key Points Annotation with Us.

At GTS, we’re all about honing our Key Points Annotation skills to give AI a leg up in making sense of and responding aptly to the world around it. We meticulously annotate every little detail so AI can understand real-world complexities.

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