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But they analyze how to get strategic with their limited marketing budgets. We’re pros at transcribing audio and video interviews, making sure every emotion, tone, and subtle detail gets noted with perfect precision. We’re the go-to guys for transcription services across a wide range of industries, nailing every word with accuracy.





Fields We Serve:

  1. Research & Academia: Capture detailed transcripts of academic interviews, research discussions, and focus group sessions to facilitate deeper insights and analysis.
  2. Medical & Healthcare: Transcribe patient-doctor consultations, medical seminars, and expert interviews for record-keeping, research, and further medical training.
  3. Legal: Document deposition interviews, client-attorney conversations, and court hearings for seamless case management and evidence recording.
  4. Journalism: Convert live interviews, press briefings, and journalistic investigations into text, ensuring accuracy in news reporting and story development.
  5. Business & Corporate: Transcribe internal interviews, stakeholder conversations, and corporate meetings to aid in decision-making and strategy formulation

Application of Interview Transcriptions:

                Our interview transcriptions serve various purposes:

    • Data Analysis & Machine Learning:¬†As AI Data Set Annotation experts, our transcriptions are annotated, making them perfect training materials for machine learning models, especially in voice recognition and sentiment analysis projects.
    • Content Creation:¬†Journalists, bloggers, and content creators can use our transcriptions as a foundation for their stories, articles, and videos.
    • Record Keeping:¬†Organizations can maintain a detailed textual record of critical conversations, ensuring no detail is overlooked.
    • Accessibility:¬†Transcriptions make content accessible to those with hearing impairments, ensuring inclusivity and broader audience reach.

Discover Excellence in Interview Transcriptions with Us.

 Interviews capture every detail now. At GTS, we’re shaking things up in the interview transcription game by making sure every chat, feeling, and mood is captured spot on.

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