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At GTS, we harness the power of cutting-edge AI to offer unparalleled business conference transcription services. Transcribing crucial business discussions, debates, and deliberations, we turn spoken words into actionable insights for companies and professionals worldwide.





Fields We Serve:

  1. Finance and Banking: Quarterly reviews, investment discussions, and stakeholder meetings.
  2. Technology: Product launches, developer conferences, and innovation sessions.
  3. Healthcare: Medical symposiums, research findings, and pharmaceutical discussions.
  4. Legal: Law summits, case study discussions, and legal forums.
  5. Education: International education conferences, research presentations, and academic forums.
  6. Retail and E-commerce: Product unveiling, market strategies, and consumer trends discussions.

Applications of Our Transcriptions:

  1. Data Analysis: Dive deep into conference discussions, extracting trends, sentiments, and business forecasts.
  2. Training Materials: Use transcriptions as a resource for training new employees or revisiting crucial decision-making moments.
  3. Documentations & Records: Maintain a structured record of every conference, ensuring no detail is overlooked.
  4. Content Creation: Repurpose transcribed content for marketing materials, blogs, or press releases.
  5. Legal & Compliance: Ensure every word aligns with regulatory standards and maintain evidence for legal proceedings.

Why Choose GTS

  • Accuracy:¬†With our AI-powered tools, we achieve near-perfect transcription accuracy, ensuring every word is captured faithfully.
  • Speed:¬†Our systems process and transcribe conferences in record time.
  • Confidentiality:¬†We understand the importance of your business discussions and ensure complete confidentiality and data protection.

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