YouTube Thumbnail Dataset

YouTube Thumbnail Dataset


YouTube Thumbnail Dataset


YouTube Thumbnail Dataset

Use Case

Computer Vision


Dive into the YouTube Thumbnail Dataset, featuring top-performing video from 90+ channels. Analyze trends, engagement metrics.

YouTube Thumbnail Dataset


Welcome, a versatile collection of top-performing video thumbnails from over 90  channels. This dataset is intricately linked with the YouTubers-Sayting-things dataset, sharing the same set of video IDs and updated simultaneously.

Overview: This  comprises  associated with videos from various YouTube channels. However, it’s worth noting that not every video has a designated thumbnail. In such cases, YouTube automatically assigns a random frame as the thumbnail. Consequently, for those video IDs without an associated image, the dataset does not include the thumbnail.


Video ID: Unique identifier for each video.
Thumbnail URL: Direct link to the thumbnail image associated with the video.
Channel Name: Name of the YouTube channel to which the video belongs.
Views: Number of views the video has received.
Likes: Number of likes the video has accumulated.
Dislikes: Number of dislikes the video has received.
Comments: Number of comments posted on the video.
Duration: Duration of the video in minutes and seconds.

Usage: This dataset is invaluable for researchers, developers, and analysts interested in studying  video , understanding trends in thumbnail design, and exploring their impact on video performance metrics such as views, likes, dislikes, and comments.


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