Weather Classification

Weather Classification


Weather Classification


Weather Classification

Use Case

Weather Forecasting


Weather classification is the process of categorizing conditions based on various meteorological parameters and observations. This helps in understanding and predicting patterns, as well as communicating weather information to the public and relevant authorities. It typically involves categorizing weather into distinct types or states.

Weather Classification

About Dataset

Our Dataset is a powerful resource to boost your AI projects. It includes six folders packed with images. Five folders cover different weather conditions, while the sixth, named ‘alien-test,’ mixes things up with images from all categories. Plus, we provide a handy CSV file with labels for the images in the ‘alien-test’ folder.

Why Choose Our Weather Classification Dataset?

  1. Diverse Weather Coverage: From sunny days to stormy nights, our dataset offers a wide range of weather conditions for your AI models to learn from.
  2. Extensive Image Collection: With thousands of high-quality images, you’ll have plenty of data to train your AI models effectively.
  3. Organized and Labeled Data: We include a CSV file with image labels to simplify data management and keep you organized.
  4. Boost Your AI Projects: Whether you’re into weather forecasting, image recognition, or any other AI task, our dataset is a valuable resource for your research and development.


Globose Technology Solutions Private Limited leads the way in weather classification technology, using advanced algorithms to analyze and categorize  patterns. Our innovative systems provide accurate and timely weather predictions, reshaping the field of weather forecasting for informed decision-making across industries.

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