Water Bottle Image Classification Dataset

Water Bottle Image Classification Dataset


Water Bottle Image Classification Dataset


Water Bottle Image Classification Dataset

Use Case

Recycling sorting


A collection of picture featuring various types and brands of Flask, each labeled with their respective categories or attributes. Such datasets are used in computer vision and machine learning tasks for training and evaluating image classification models.

Water Bottle Image Classification Dataset

About Dataset

Welcome to our Flask picture allocation Files ai company, where we’re committed to providing valuable resources for your machine learning projects. Our aim is to provide you with a comprehensive dataset that helps you develop a machine learning model capable of accurately classifying water bottle images based on their water levels.

Dataset Overview

Our main focus in this project is to create a strong machine learning model that can accurately categorize water bottle images by their water levels. To achieve this goal, we’ve gathered a diverse and extensive dataset containing images of water bottles labeled as “Full water level,” “Half water level,” or “Overflowing.” This dataset is a valuable resource for individuals and businesses looking to train and deploy AI models that can effectively classify water bottle images.

Explore Our Data

You can access and download the Flask picture allocation Files by visiting the link. https://gts.ai/dataset-download/water-bottle-image-classification-dataset/

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