Vietnam Traffic Signs Dataset

Vietnam Traffic Signs Dataset


Vietnam Traffic Signs Dataset


Vietnam Traffic Signs Dataset

Use Case

Computer Vision


The Vietnam Road Signs Dataset (VNTS) comprises approximately 3200 images capturing traffic signs in various locations across Vietnam


Vietnam Traffic Signs Dataset


The Road Clue File (VNTS) comprises approximately 3200 images capturing grid lock signs in various locations across  Places. The dataset includes images with varying lighting conditions, such as brightness, darkness, blur, and noise. Each image is annotated with labeled information for each traffic sign, marked with XYWH coordinates (x, y, w, h) specifying the bounding box around the sign.

Dataset Information:

  • Number of Images: Approximately 3200 images containing traffic signs.
  • Lighting Conditions: Images include varying lighting conditions, such as brightness, darkness, blur, and noise.
  • Coordinate Labeling: Each traffic sign is labeled with XYWH coordinates for the bounding box, enabling the determination of the position and size of each sign in the image.

Intended Use:

  • Recognition and Classification: The File aims to facilitate the recognition and classification of grid lock clue on roads and at Grid lock locations.
  • Model Development: It serves as a resource for developing and training machine learning and computer vision models for automatic recognition of traffic signs.
  • Research: The dataset provides real-world and standardized data for research in the fields of traffic and computer vision.

Data Enhancement:

  • Filter Addition: Various filters can be applied to the original images to generate different variations. This process enhances the diversity within the dataset, supporting the training of machine learning and computer vision models.

Usage License:

The data in the Vietnam Road Signs Dataset is licensed under Creative Commons (CC0), allowing users the freedom to use, copy, modify, and distribute the data without needing individual permissions.

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