Vehicle Speed Data Collection

Vehicle Speed Data Collection


Vehicle Data Collection


Vehicle Data Collection

Use Case

Road Safety Analysis


Vehicle Data Collection provides insightful analytics on vehicular speeds across different terrains and conditions, enhancing traffic management and safety measures.

Introduction to Vehicle Speed Data Collection

Explore our vast dataset, which records the movement of vehicles during 5973 trips covering a distance of 9049.3 kilometers. Collected throughout 2021 in the Czech Republic, this dataset is essential for projects related to analyzing vehicle speed and mobility.

Dataset Overview

Our dataset carefully tracks the behavior of five types of passenger vehicles, providing valuable information about both city and non-city travel habits. This comprehensive collection is perfect for studying how vehicle speeds change in different types of terrain and according to speed limits set by regulations.

Key Features and Data Points

  • Vehicle Metrics: Check out information about speed, latitude, longitude, and elevation for detailed analysis of vehicles.
  • Route Geometry Insights: Get estimates of speed along routes and other helpful details from OpenStreetMap, which can enhance your data analysis.
  • Compliance with Speed Regulations: The dataset shows whether vehicles follow the speed limits set by the Czech Republic, giving you a practical way to see if vehicles obey speed rules in different areas.

Unlocking Potential Applications

This dataset is a goldmine for developers, researchers, and AI enthusiasts who want to improve their projects in analyzing vehicle speeds, optimizing routes, and managing traffic.

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