UPS Writing Skills

UPS Writing Skills


UPS Writing Skills


UPS Writing Skills

Use Case

Computer Vision


Explore the UPS-Writing-Skills dataset, featuring 358 images of triangles, squares, and circles drawn by children from Cuenca, Ecuador.

UPS Writing Skills

Dataset Overview

This dataset contains 358 images of basic geometric shapes drawn by children from Cuenca, Ecuador. It aims to evaluate pre-writing skills among these young learners.

Content Details:
Total Images: 358
Shapes Included: Triangles (115 images), Squares (129 images), Circles (114 images)
Source: Drawings by Ecuadorian children

Evaluation Criteria

Each image has been assessed by a panel of special education experts based on the following skill levels:

Level 0 (Skill Not Reached):
Circles: The shape is not predominantly circular or is not closed.
Squares: Lacks four corners.
Triangles: Does not have three corners.
Points Assigned: 0

Level 1 (Skill Under Development):
Circles: The circle is not closed.
Squares: Has four corners and four angles, but the lines are not straight.
Triangles: Has three corners, but the sides are not proportional or the vertex is not centered.
Points Assigned: 1

Level 2 (Skill Achieved):
Circles: The circle is closed and smoothly rounded.
Squares: All four corners have angles between 80 and 100 degrees, with straight lines.
Triangles: Each side is proportional with three corners, and the lines are smooth without undulations.
Points Assigned: 2

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