Underwater Bounding Box Dataset

Underwater Bounding Box Dataset


Underwater Bounding Dataset


Underwater Bounding Dataset

Use Case

Underwater Bounding Dataset


Explore the Underwater Bounding Dataset featuring high-quality images with bounding box annotations for Fish, Crab, Human, Trash, Jellyfish, Coral Reef, and Fish Group.

Underwater Bounding Box Dataset



The Underwater Bounding Dataset is designed for accurate object localization in underwater environments. It features high-quality images with bounding box annotations for seven classes: Fish, Crab, Human, Trash, Jellyfish, Coral Reef, and Fish Group. The dataset is split into 70% for training, 10% for validation, and 20% for testing.

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Annotation and Pre-processing

Images are annotated using Roboflow with the following pre-processing steps:

  • Auto-Orient
  • Resize to 640×640
  • Contrast Stretching


  • Brackish Dataset (Aalborg University)
  • Trash Debris Dataset (University of Minnesota)


This dataset aims to advance research in underwater object detection and localization, supporting applications in marine ecology, pollution detection, and underwater robotics. The dataset includes a diverse range of underwater scenes captured in various conditions, such as different water depths, lighting conditions, and levels of turbidity. It contains high-resolution images and videos annotated with precise bounding boxes and segmentation masks for various objects of interest, including marine life, coral reefs, submerged debris, and man-made structures.

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