Traffic Light Detection Dataset

Traffic Light Detection Dataset


Traffic Light Detection Dataset


Traffic Light Detection Dataset

Use Case

Autonomous Vehicles


A Dataset is a collection of images or data specifically curated for the development, training, and evaluation of machine learning algorithms and computer vision models that are designed to detect and recognize traffic lights in various scenarios. This type of dataset plays a crucial role in advancing autonomous driving systems, traffic management, and related applications.

About Dataset

Traffic Light Detection Dataset
This data set contains 2600 artificially labeled traffic light categories and color labels. The traffic light category includes the following 9 categories:

  1. Motor vehicle signal light
  2. Non-motor vehicle signal lights
  3. Left turn non-motor vehicle signal light
  4. Crosswalk signal light
  5. Lane lights
  6. Direction indicator light
  7. Flashing warning light
  8. Crossing signal light
  9. U-turn signal light
    The visualization of data and annotations is as follows, the lights of the same color are visualized with the same color:
    PartialThe data set contains two folders anno and image. The anno folder contains 2600 label json files, and the image folder contains 3000 JPEG-encoded photos taken by the dash cam. The image tag serializes the dictionary in json format to save.


Globose Technology Solutions Private Limited is a leader in improving traffic management. We use the Traffic Light Detection Dataset to develop advanced solutions for accurately detecting traffic lights automatically. Our goal is to make roads safer and traffic flow smoother. Globose is committed to making traffic management better for safer and more efficient transportation systems.

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