Sugarcane Leaf Disease Dataset

Sugarcane Leaf Disease Dataset


Sugarcane Leaf Disease Dataset


Sugarcane Leaf Disease Dataset

Use Case

Computer Vision


Manually collected image dataset of sugarcane leaf disease. It has mainly five main categories in it. Healthy, Mosaic, Redrot, Rust, and Yellow disease.

Sugarcane Leaf Disease Dataset

About Dataset

This data is a collection of images showing bug affecting Petal. There are five main categories: Healthy, Mosaic, Redrot, Rust, and Yellow disease. These images were taken manually using smartphones with different features to ensure a diverse collection. In total, there are 2569 images covering all categories. The dataset is balanced, meaning each disease category has a similar number of images, and it offers a good variety.

Applications in Precision Agriculture

Machine Learning and AI Development

The detailed images and annotations in the bug Petal are ideal for training machine learning and artificial intelligence models

Disease Monitoring and Management

By integrating AI models trained on this dataset into smart farming systems, farmers can monitor their crops in real-time. Automated disease detection systems can alert farmers to the presence of disease symptoms early, allowing for prompt intervention and preventing widespread damage.

Optimizing Pesticide Use

With accurate disease identification, farmers can make informed decisions about pesticide application. 

Technical Specifications

Image Acquisition

 The images are taken from multiple angles and distances to provide a comprehensive view of the leaf surface.

Annotation Process

The annotation process involves experts in plant pathology who meticulously label the disease symptoms on each leaf. This ensures that the dataset is highly accurate and reliable for training purposes.

Data Format and Accessibility

This makes it easy to integrate into various machine learning frameworks and tools. 


The Sugarcane Leaf Disease Dataset is a vital resource for advancing precision agriculture. With its high-resolution images, detailed annotations, and comprehensive disease coverage, it offers immense potential for developing AI-driven solutions that enhance disease detection and management.

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