Subsea Inpainting Dataset

Subsea Inpainting Dataset


Subsea Inpainting Dataset


Subsea Inpainting Dataset

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Subsea Dataset


Explore our Subsea Dataset, designed for the Oil and Gas industry. Improve the clarity and usability of subsea inspection videos.

Subsea Inpainting Dataset


The Subsea Dataset comprises small clips of subsea inspection videos with masks covering overlays. This dataset is designed to support the Oil and Gas industry, which generates thousands of hours of subsea inspection videos daily and holds millions of hours of archived footage.


In the Oil and Gas industry, underwater videos are typically captured by Remote Operated Vehicles (ROVs). These videos are integral to the integrity management of subsea assets, such as pipelines and Wet Christmas Trees (WCTs). They enable Oil and Gas companies to maintain the safety and efficiency of their offshore operations.

A common feature in these videos is a “burned overlay” that displays real-time metadata, including ROV coordinates, water depth, and heading. While these overlays ensure that metadata remains attached to the visual data even after manipulations like clipping videos or extracting frames, they can also obstruct critical image information and confuse image processing algorithms.

This dataset aims to test the capabilities of current state-of-the-art inpainting techniques in removing overlays from subsea inspection videos.


To compile this dataset, we reviewed and downloaded subsea operation videos from YouTube, focusing primarily on subsea inspections. We selected five videos that closely resemble the private videos encountered in professional work environments. These five videos, which form the dataset, are stored in a designated folder.

This dataset is essential for developing and evaluating inpainting techniques to enhance the clarity and usability of subsea inspection videos by removing obstructive overlays.

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