Structural Defects Network (SDNET) 2018

Structural Defects Network (SDNET) 2018


Structural Defects Network (SDNET) 2018


Structural Defects Network (SDNET) 2018

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The Structural Defects Network (SDNET) is a dataset specifically designed for research in the field of computer vision and machine learning, particularly for tasks related to the detection and classification of structural defects in materials, such as concrete. The SDNET 2018 dataset, as the name suggests, was released in 2018 and has been widely used in academic and industrial research for the development and evaluation of algorithms and models for defect detection and analysis.

About Dataset:

At Globose Technology Solutions Private Limited, we’re proud of our skills in AI data collection. This allows us to analyze large datasets, uncovering important insights to fuel technological progress. One dataset that has recently caught our interest is the “Structural Defects Network (SDNET) 2018”.

Structural Defects Network (SDNET) 2018

SDNET 2018 is a valuable source of information containing details about various types of structural flaws. With a growing focus on the safety of buildings and infrastructure, this dataset provides a comprehensive overview of the challenges we face in this area.

Globose’s Approach

Our team at Globose Technology Solutions Private Limited thoroughly examined this dataset, using our expertise in data annotation. Manufacturers closely studied each product flaw to gain valuable insights from experts.

Why It Matters

In today’s world, data plays a crucial role, especially in specialized areas like structural safety. With datasets like SDNET 2018 and the data annotation skills of teams like ours at Globose, the opportunities are limitless.

By identifying weak areas and predicting future problems in our infrastructure, the insights we gather from this data can completely change our perspective on building safety.


At Globose Technology Solutions Private Limited, we’re leading the way in AI data collection and analysis. Our thorough exploration of the SDNET 2018 dataset demonstrates our commitment to using data for a better and safer future.


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