Social Event Face Recognition

Social Event Face Recognition


Social Event Face Recognition


Event Face Recognition

Use Case

Event Face Recognition


Discover the Event Face Recognition dataset, sourced from, featuring 8,837 images and over 40,000 faces with 3,000+ labeled participants.

Social Event Face Recognition


The Event Face Recognition dataset is a comprehensive collection designed to advance face recognition technology. This dataset includes meticulously annotated images from various social events, featuring ground truth labels for robust training and validation of face recognition models.

Data Collection

The data was sourced from, a popular Chinese photo live platform. During events, organizers upload images to the website, making them publicly accessible online. The images are only accompanied by the upload time and view count, with no inherent identity information.

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Labeling Process

To address the lack of identity data, a custom-developed software was employed for manual labeling. Expert annotators identified and labeled faces, resulting in a rich dataset with over 3,000 distinct participants annotated from more than 40,000 faces across 8,837 images.

Key Features

  • Source: (Chinese photo live platform)
  • Total Images: 8,837
  • Total Faces: 40,000+
  • Labeled Participants: 3,000+
  • Annotations: Ground truth labels for face recognition
  • Metadata: Upload time and number of views


This dataset is ideal for:

  • Training and validating face recognition models
  • Research in social event analytics and attendee identification
  • Developing applications for real-time event monitoring and security


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