Smiling or Not | Face Data

Smiling or Not | Face Data


Smiling or Not | Face Data


Smiling or Not | Face Data

Use Case

Emotion recognition


"Smiling or Not | Face Data" typically refers to a dataset containing images of human faces labeled with whether the individuals are smiling or not. This dataset is often used in the field of facial expression analysis, computer vision, and machine learning for tasks related to smile detection and emotion recognition.

Smiling or Not | Face Data

About Dataset

This dataset contains pictures of people’s faces, neatly organized into two categories:

  1. “Smile” Folder: It has 600 images of happy faces with big smiles.
  2. “Non-Smile” Folder: This one includes 603 pictures of people with neutral expressions or not smiling.

With this dataset, you can really go wild and create some super advanced smile detection algorithms to take this whole field to the next level. Leveraging our rich dataset, you have the opportunity to dive deep into smile detection and create top-notch algorithms for it. Also, you can leap into the development of a “smile transformer”, leveraging state-of-the-art Style Transfer algorithms.

For those seeking to take this dataset to the next level, we’ve included a “test” folder containing around 12,000 unlabeled faces, waiting to be explored. If you’re up for the challenge of labeling these faces as smile or non-smile and wish to contribute to a larger version of this dataset, we welcome your participation!

Face Data Detecor

Explore our Smiling or Not | Face Data dataset to dive into facial expression analysis. Download it now and be part of the exciting world of AI and facial recognition.


Globose Technology Solutions is great at recognizing facial emotions, especially focusing on “Smiling or Not” face data. Our smart algorithms make precise identifications, which can improve user experiences and sentiment analysis in various industries.

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