Shadertoy Top 1000 Shaders Dataset

Shadertoy Top 1000 Shaders Dataset


Shadertoy Top 1000 Shaders Dataset


Shadertoy Top 1000 Shaders Dataset

Use Case

Computer Vision


Discover the top 1000 most popular shaders on Shadertoy with our detailed dataset. Dive into shader codes, performance stats.


This dataset encompasses the 1000 most popular shaders featured on Shadertoy, providing a comprehensive overview of shader characteristics and community engagement metrics. Each entry includes technical details and user interaction data.

Dataset Fields:

TimeDuration: Duration for which the shader’s animation is demonstrated or the shader’s execution time.
FrameRate: The intended framerate for the shader’s display or rendering.
Resolution: Pixel dimensions of the output image or animation created by the shader.
Title: The name of the shader.
Likes: Total number of likes the shader has received.
Author: Name of the individual or group who created the shader.
CreationDate: The date on which the shader was initially authored.
Views: Number of times the shader has been viewed.
Description: A brief description explaining the shader’s function and aesthetic aspects.
CommentsCount: The total number of comments made by users on the shader.

URL: Direct link to the shader on Shadertoy.
UserComments: A collection of user comments.
Tags: Keywords or tags associated with the shader.
Code: The actual code of the shader, including images, buffers, etc.

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