Semantic Segmentation Drone Dataset

Semantic Segmentation Drone Dataset


Semantic Segmentation Drone Dataset


Semantic Segmentation Drone Dataset

Use Case

Computer Vision


Discover the LEGO Minifigure Faces dataset, a curated collection of 800 annotated images for facial recognition tasks.

Semantic Segmentation Drone Dataset

About Dataset

The dataset is an extension of the Semantic Drone Dataset of Institute of Computer Graphics and Vision at the Graz University of Technology.

Binary and 5-class Extension

The extension proposes two different preprocessed datasets in order to perform binary segmentation and multi-class segmentation with 5 macro-groups instead of the original 24 labels and a resolution of 960x736px instead of 6000x4000px.

Colormaps and Re-labeling

All the information relative to the colors assigned to each class are contained in the colormaps.xlsx file and in addition to it there are also the conversion dictionaries used to convert the labels in classes_dict.txt.

Original Dataset

The original dataset with 24 different classes and 24Mpx of resolution is contained in the folder semantic drone dataset

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