Road Surface Analysis Dataset for Pothole Detection

Road Surface Analysis Dataset for Pothole Detection


Road Surface Analysis Dataset for Pothole Detection


Road Surface Analysis Dataset for Pothole Detection

Use Case

Computer Vision


Explore our Pavement Condition Analysis Dataset, meticulously designed for pothole detection across various road conditions. This dataset is perfect for advancing AI diagnostics and improving vehicle safety measures. Moreover, it is tailored to meet the needs of researchers and developers in the field of road safety. Ultimately, this dataset aims to enhance the precision and reliability of pothole detection systems.


This dataset is meticulously designed for the development and validation of computer vision models aimed at detecting potholes on various road surfaces. It includes a comprehensive collection of video footage taken from vehicle-mounted cameras, thereby providing a real-world view of diverse road conditions.


  • Videos: The dataset contains over 1,000 hours of high-resolution video, covering a wide range of lighting and weather conditions.
  • Annotations: Each video is meticulously annotated with bounding boxes and labels identifying potholes, and severity levels are indicated where applicable.
  • Metadata: Additionally, it includes detailed information on the location, time of day, and weather conditions during each recording.


This dataset is ideal for researchers and engineers developing AI-driven diagnostic tools for road maintenance. Furthermore, it enhances safety measures and improves vehicle navigation systems. Ultimately, it serves as a valuable resource for advancing the technology and efficiency of pothole detection and road surface analysis.

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