River Water Segmentation Dataset (RIWA)

River Water Segmentation Dataset (RIWA)


River Water Segmentation Dataset (RIWA)


River Water Segmentation Dataset (RIWA)

Use Case

Flood monitoring


RIWA is likely a dataset designed for training and evaluating machine learning models for river water segmentation. The main objective is to distinguish river water regions from other objects or backgrounds within images.

River Water Segmentation Dataset (RIWA)

About Dataset

Welcome to our AI data collection company, where we are excited to introduce the stream  distribution file. This exceptional dataset offers pixel-wise binary segmentation of river water, catering to a wide range of applications. RIWA has been meticulously curated, featuring manually labeled images captured from smartphones, drones, DSLRs, as well as high-quality AED20K images from the Water Segmentation Dataset. We have prioritized quality in RIWA, aiming to surpass the segmentation standards set by the COCO dataset.

RIWA – An In-Depth Look

The stream distribution file stands as a comprehensive resource for AI and machine learning enthusiasts. We have assembled a diverse range of images to facilitate accurate segmentation of river water, ensuring the highest quality and precision through manual labeling.

Diverse Image Sources

RIWA comprises images sourced from various devices, including smartphones, drones, and DSLR cameras. This diversity allows for training AI models using data collected from different platforms, enhancing the robustness and accuracy of river water segmentation.

High-Quality AED20K Images

RIWA also includes high-quality AED20K images, enriching the dataset and providing AI models with top-tier data for optimal performance.

Why Choose RIWA Over COCO?

We have intentionally excluded the COCO dataset from RIWA due to concerns regarding its segmentation quality. Our dedication to quality and accuracy ensures that RIWA delivers more dependable results for your AI projects.


In our AI data collection company, we recognize the significance of high-quality data for AI and machine learning projects. The file, with its pixel-wise binary analysis of stream and diverse image sources, is tailored to meet your specific needs. Bid farewell to disappointing segmentation quality and opt for RIWA, offering a more robust and reliable dataset for your endeavors.


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