Pokémon Home Image Collection

Pokémon Home Image Collection


Pokémon Home Image Collection


Pokémon Home Image Collection

Use Case

Computer Vision


Access the ultimate Pokémon Home dataset featuring 1,500+ unique Pokémon images rendered in the official Pokémon Home style.

Pokémon Home Image Collection

About the Dataset

This dataset encapsulates a comprehensive collection of 1,527 distinct Pokémon forms, rendered in the iconic style of the Pokémon Home application. Spanning 9 generations, this collection is an invaluable resource for enthusiasts and developers alike.

Dataset Contents:

CSV File Details:
id: Numerical identifier for each Pokémon form, starting from zero.
nat_dex: The National Pokédex number for each Pokémon.
name: Unique string identifier for each Pokémon. Naming conventions include:
Suffixes like “_mega” for Mega forms, “_gmax” for Gigantamax forms (including Eternatus Eternamax), regional variants (e.g., “_alola”, “_galar”, “_hisui”, “_paldea”), and “_female” for gender differences.
Pokémon with visually distinct back renders due to gender differences are noted with a “_backside” suffix.
Special cases like “unown_bang” for Unown-! and “unown_question” for Unown-?.

type1 and type2: Primary and secondary types of Pokémon, if applicable.
is_mega, is_gmax, is_legend, is_mythical, is_ultra_beast, is_paradox: Boolean or specific string indicators for special Pokémon characteristics.
generation: Indicates the design generation of the Pokémon form.
color: Pokédex color associated with the Pokémon.
shape: Custom shape classification created for this dataset.

Image File Details:
Contains 1,538 PNG images with a resolution of 512×512 pixels, supporting RGBA color format. Each image corresponds directly to the “name” column in the CSV file.


Additional Information:

The images were expertly rendered by ILCA and are officially owned by The Pokémon Company.


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