Plastic Object Detection Dataset

Plastic Object Detection Dataset


Plastic Object Detection Dataset


Plastic Object Detection Dataset

Use Case

Image Classification


This dataset contains images of various plastic objects commonly found in everyday life. Each image is annotated with bounding boxes around the plastic items.

Plastic Object Detection Dataset

About Dataset

This dataset includes pictures of different plastic items that we often use in our daily lives. Each picture has boxes drawn around the plastic items, which helps computers recognize these objects in images. It’s useful for tasks like finding objects in pictures using computer vision.

The dataset has a variety of items like milk packets, ketchup pouches, pens, plastic bottles, polythene bags, shampoo bottles and pouches, chips packets, cleaning spray bottles, handwash bottles, and more. It’s great for training computer models to identify these objects accurately.

Dataset Features

Dataset size: 4000+
Captured by: Over 1000+ crowdsource contributors
Resolution: 99.9% images HD and above (1920×1080 and above)
Location: Captured across 500+ cities
Diversity: Various lighting conditions like day, night, varied distances, different material view points etc.
Device used: Captured using mobile phones in 2020-2022
Usage: Plastic object detection, Recycling and waste management, Garbage segregation, Trash segregation, etc.

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