Plants Type Datasets

Plants Type Datasets


Plants Type Datasets


Plants Type Datasets

Use Case

Computer Vision


Explore an extensive data of 30,000 images, with 1,000 images per class and a diverse collection of 30 plant classes and 7 plant types.

Plants Type Datasets

About Dataset

Explore an extensive data of 30,000 images, with 1,000 images per class and a diverse collection of 30 plant classes and 7 plant types, including crops, fruit, industrial, medicinal, nuts, tubers, and vegetable . The 30 plant classes include popular species such as banana, coconut, and pineapple, as well as lesser-known plants like bilimbi and galangal. Help this dataset grow by voting for it and use it for research, analysis, and development of plant-related applications

What Are Plants Type Datasets?

They are collections of data specifically curated to include various plant species, their characteristics, growth conditions, and other botanical information. These datasets can include images, taxonomic data, genetic information, and environmental parameters. They are essential for tasks such as plant identification, studying plant physiology, understanding ecological interactions, and enhancing agricultural productivity.


  1. Accurate Plant Identification: With detailed information and high-resolution images, these datasets enable precise identification of plant species, which is essential for biodiversity studies and conservation efforts.

  2. Research and Development: Scientists can use these datasets to conduct experiments, analyze plant behavior under different conditions, and develop new agricultural practices.

  3. Educational Purposes: Educators and students can leverage these datasets to enhance their learning and understanding of plant biology and ecology.

  4. Agricultural Improvements: Farmers and agriculturalists can optimize crop production and pest management by understanding the specific needs and characteristics of different plant species.


    Plants Type Datasets are indispensable tools for advancing botanical research and improving agricultural practices. By leveraging these comprehensive resources, researchers and professionals can make significant strides in understanding plant life and promoting sustainable practices. Embrace the power of Plants Type Datasets to enhance your botanical research and contribute to a greener future.


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