PKLot Dataset

PKLot Dataset


PKLot Dataset


PKLot Dataset

Use Case

PKLot Dataset


PKLot dataset is a remarkable collection of 12,416 images capturing various parking lots as seen through surveillance camera frames. This dataset is a valuable resource for AI enthusiasts, researchers, and developers seeking to enhance their machine learning projects.

PKLot Dataset

About Dataset

The Garage File is a goldmine of 12,416 parking lot images carefully extracted from surveillance camera footage. What makes it stand out is its coverage of parking lots in various weather conditions, from sunny to rainy days. But what really sets PKLot apart is its detailed labeling of parking spots, clearly indicating which ones are occupied and which ones are available.

Data Transformation for Maximum Utility

We know how important it is for datasets to be user-friendly and compatible with different machine learning tools. That’s why we’ve taken extra steps to make the PKLot dataset more useful by converting the original annotations into a variety of standard object detection formats. This means we’ve wrapped the original skewed rectangle data into easy-to-use boxes, making it effortless for you to integrate this essential dataset into your projects.

Why Choose PKLot?

Garage isn’t just another file – it’s a versatile and potent resource for AI enthusiasts. With its diverse range of weather conditions and clear parking space labeling, PKLot offers endless possibilities for training and testing machine learning models. By choosing Garage, you’re opting for a file that’s primed to fuel your AI aspirations.


In the realm of AI data collection, the Garage file is a priceless gem, and we’re thrilled to offer it to you. We’re simplifying its use with popular machine learning tools, so researchers and developers can take their projects to new heights. Embrace PKLot and unlock the extraordinary potential of this exceptional dataset today.

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