Pixel Art Trees Dataset

Pixel Art Trees Dataset


Pixel Art Trees Dataset


Pixel Art Trees Dataset

Use Case

Computer Vision


Discover the Pixel Art Trees Dataset featuring 1.6 million unique 16x16 pixel artworks of trees with various leaves, trunks, fruits.

Pixel Art Trees Dataset

About Dataset

Explore the diversity of nature through our unique file of digital art flora, exactly crafted to include a wide range of artistic representations of branchy features. 

Each image in the dataset is uniquely altered by slight shifts in the tree parts or defining of the image to enhance robustness in training scenarios, preventing overfitting. 

The filenames of each image are systematically structured to encapsulate the features represented, formatted as “[type_of_leaves][type_of_trunk][leaf_color][type_of_fruit][fruit_color].png”. 

Designed for computer vision researchers, this dataset serves as an excellent resource for experiments in feature recognition and classification, providing a challenging yet controlled environment for testing and enhancing machine learning models.

Versatile Applications

This dataset is ideal for game developers looking to enhance their environments with unique and visually appealing tree designs. Digital artists can use these digital art flora to create stunning scenes, while educators can incorporate them into interactive learning tools. The digital Art floral Dataset provides endless possibilities for creativity and innovation.

Benefits for Your Projects

  • Diverse Designs: Access a wide variety of tree designs to suit any style or theme.
  • High-Quality Art: Ensure your projects stand out with meticulously crafted pixel art.
  • Versatility: Perfect for game development, digital art, educational tools, and more.


Invest in the digital Art floral Dataset to elevate your creative projects. With 1.6 million unique tree designs, this dataset provides the essential tools needed to bring your visions to life. Enhance your game development, digital art, and educational tools with our high-quality pixel art trees today.

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