PandaSet Dataset

PandaSet Dataset


PandaSet Dataset


PandaSet Dataset

Use Case

Computer Vision


PandaSet serves as a pivotal resource for fostering advancements in autonomous driving and machine learning technologies



PandaSet serves as a pivotal resource for attending growth in autonomous driving and machine learning technologies. This dataset integrates the premium LiDAR technology from Hesai with the precise data  capabilities of Scale AI.


 The data is meticulously annotated using a dual approach involving cuboid and segmentation annotations, a method described as Scale 3D Sensor Fusion Segmentation.

  • PandaSet dataset offers a rich collection of high-resolution images, featuring pandas and various scenes.
  • It facilitates training and testing of computer vision algorithms, enhancing image recognition technology.
  • Its diverse content enables accurate model training, fostering breakthroughs in machine learning.
  • PandaSet stands as a valuable resource driving innovation in research and applications.

The dataset encompasses:

  • Over 48,000 camera images
  • 100+ individual scenes, each lasting approximately 8 seconds
  • 28 distinct annotation classes
  • 37 labels for semantic segmentation
  • A comprehensive sensor suite that includes one mechanical spinning LiDAR, one forward-facing LiDAR, six cameras, and integrated GPS/IMU systems


    The PandaSet dataset provides a vast array of high-resolution images, including pandas, aiding in the advancement of computer vision algorithms. Its diverse content fosters accurate model training and testing, contributing to breakthroughs in image recognition technology. In conclusion, PandaSet stands as a valuable resource driving innovation and progress in machine learning research and applications.

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