Online Sales Dataset

Online Sales Dataset


Online Sales Dataset


Sales Dataset

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Sales Dataset


Explore our detailed Online Sales Dataset featuring global transactions across various product categories. Analyze sales trends, category popularity, payment methods.


This dataset provides a detailed overview of global online sales transactions across various product categories. Each transaction includes information on the order ID, date, category, product name, quantity sold, unit price, total price, region, and payment method. This dataset is an invaluable resource for businesses aiming to optimize their sales strategies, enhance customer experiences, and identify emerging market opportunities.

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  • Order ID: Unique identifier for each order.
  • Date: Date of the transaction.
  • Category: Product category (e.g., Electronics, Clothing).
  • Product Name: Specific product sold.
  • Quantity: Units sold in the transaction.
  • Unit Price: Price per unit.
  • Total Price: Total revenue from the transaction.
  • Region: Geographic region of the transaction (e.g., North America, Europe).
  • Payment Method: Method used for payment (e.g., Credit Card, PayPal).


  1. Sales Trends: Analyze trends over time for seasonal patterns.
  2. Category Popularity: Examine product category popularity across regions.
  3. Payment Impact: Investigate how payment methods affect sales volume.
  4. Top Products: Identify best-selling products to optimize inventory.
  5. Regional Performance: Evaluate product performance by region for targeted marketing.


  • Trend Analysis: Identifying seasonal sales trends and growth opportunities.
  • Market Research: Understanding regional preferences and category performance.
  • Inventory Management: Optimizing stock based on top-selling products.
  • Marketing Strategies: Tailoring campaigns to regional performance and payment preferences.

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